Earth and Water, Fire and Air signs go together, and as long as two signs are in the same element, they usually work well too. But advanced students of astrology will tell you that knowing you and your S. What are sun sign patterns? I'm glad you asked. The first time I learned about sun sign patterns was through American astrologer Linda Goodman. Her comprehensive astrology textbook, Sun Signs laid out exactly what a sun sign pattern is, what it means, and how it affects compatibility.

A sun sign pattern is determined by the months difference between two signs. So two people of the same sign in a relationship would be described as a pattern. I'll lay all this out in a minute for you, but the important thing to note here is that while aspects between the personal planets can change compatibility somewhat, it can't change the vibration described in a sun sign pattern. So basically, this remains true no matter what else exists in your charts, and that kind of certainty is rare in any astrological reading.

A pattern describes a relationship between two people of the same sign. In this sun sign pattern, the strengths and weaknesses are magnified in both of you. You must be careful not to swing between these two extremes, or the relationship can crash and burn. A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall right next to one another on the zodiac wheel.

So, according to Linda Goodman , relationships between these pairings would be considered a pattern:. In these combinations, one person plays the teacher, and the other the student. There is something about this relationship that involves spiritual life lessons. There's a compassion inherent between the individuals, and a patient understanding for the other partner's differences, which there will be many. A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall three or eleven spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, respectively.

According to Goodman's book , combinations in this pattern include:. These combinations of signs will be fast friends, get along well with one another, although they'll likely be annoyed by one another and probably find themselves bickering a lot. That said, the trust and love between these individuals makes any argument easy to overcome, and the friendship that ties them together will be lasting, even if the romantic relationship ends. A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall four or 10 spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, respectively.

This is tough one, kids. It's almost impossible to extinguish it. You'll be as eternally adored as Cinderella herself. It's a rare foot that fits his glass slipper. Virgo is enormously particular. After you've caught him, hell seldom if ever invite your jealousy, and he'll be determined to overcome any rough spots caused by financial problems, relatives or outside interference.

He'll show incredible strength through emotional and material hardships, as long as you remain by his side. You couldn't ask for a more tender, gentle companion when your heart is broken for any reason by a cruel world or when you're physically ill. He won't shower you with money, but you'll be well supplied with necessities, and he will shower you with consideration. A Virgo man is invariably kindly and thoughtful about all those little things which matter to women.

He has a crystal clear memory and probably won't forget special dates, though he may be a bit mystified as to why you think they are so important. He won't be wildly, passionately jealous, yet Virgo males are possessive in the extreme. This sounds like a fine line to draw, but it's important. Even though he doesn't throw emotional scenes of jealousy over the attentions other men pay you, his deeply rooted pos-sessiveness should warn you that a little freedom goes a long way. The wife of a Virgo who wanders too far away from the home fires too often may find herself without a husband to return to.

Virgos are utterly loyal and they dislike destroying family ties intensely, but when their sense of decency has been finally outraged they won't hesitate to make a cold, clean break in the divorce court. No messy, complicated trial separations for them. When it's over, it's over. Goodbye and good luck. Even the Virgo's sharp, unusually excellent memory won't cause him to cry sentimental tears over the past, simply because he's able to discipline his memory as firmly as he does his emotions.

Self-discipline is part of his very nature. The Virgo man with his mind made up moves on-and having moved on, all your tears and apologies are useless in getting him to change his mind. He'll never fall victim to the illusion that gluing together the broken pieces will recreate perfection in what has once been seriously flawed. If your heart is set on a Virgo man, you'd better brush up your thinking cap and wear it when he's around. Virgos hate ignorance, stupidity and sloppy thinking almost as much as they hate dirt and vulgarity, and that's a lot.

The girl who snares the Virgo heart had better be smartly dressed with a sizable brain under her neat hair style-and you'll notice I said neat hair style. Virgos look for women who are clean in body and mind, and who dress well, but not in flashy extremes of fashion. You won't have to be Julia Child, but for goodness sakes, don't ever be naive enough to think a Virgo husband will let you feed him out of cans. A pleasure-seeking, selfish, mentally lazy woman will never make it with a Virgo male, even if.

This is the very last man in the world you can expect to find running off with a topless Go-Go girl, though he might loan her his sweater if she's chilly. When it comes right down to the nitty gritty, he's looking for a wife-not a mistress in any sense of the word. Virgo men have no strong yearning for fatherhood, as a rule. Their particular kind of ego doesn't seem to require children for emotional fulfillment, and Virgos tend to have small families. Yet, once a child or children have been born, the Virgo is an extremely conscientious parent, and will never take his responsibilities lightly.

Hell spend many hours teaching his youngsters skills and transmitting hia own high standards of conduct. He'll be cheerfully willing to help with homework and will probably make no end of sacrifices for hobbies, music lessons, camp and especially college. A Virgo father will place great emphasis on intellect and train his children rigidly in matters of ethics, courtesy and good citizenship.

Even the divorced Virgo will eventually see to it somehow that his offspring are well ared for, wherever they may be, and that they get an edu-ation. Children of Virgo fathers usually grow up with both love and respect for books and learning. You'll seldom find a Virgo""parent spoiling a child, and there will always be plenty of necessary discipline.

All this is fine, but there may be a need for more physical expressions of love between a Virgo father and his youngsters, since affection is not something that comes naturally to him. Unless a serious effort is made in this area from babyhood on, there's more than a small chance that he'll one day discover an insurmountable barrier has grown between him and the offspring he loves so deeply. There's also a tendency to be too critical, to expect too much too soon and be too strict.

A Virgo will expect you to fuss a bit over his health, but hell wait on you when you're sick, too, and allow you to be a regular Camille. He may have his cranky and moody spells now and then, perhaps even frequently. But one thing is sure. If you leave him alone, he won't go out of his way to start an argument with you. Just let him get over his grumpiness and he'll surprise you with tenderness to make up for it. Let him worry. It's good for him, sort of a Virgo mental exercise. But when you see it's affecting his physical state, snap him out of it by suggesting something interesting or different to do.

It isn't hard to catch the mental attention of a Virgo, though it may be hard to keep it. Now that you know what you're in for, if you're still in love with that Virgo man, you can look forward io a pretty contented future. You'll have a husband who's alert and well-informed, who won't expect you to wait on him hand and foot or expect you to run around looking sexy all the time with a dab of perfume behind each ear and a rose in your teeth. Although he may expect you to go around with a cake of soap in each hand. Hell be reliable and pleasant, if you're tactful about his faults.

He won't have many of them anyway-unless you call the way he runs his finger across the furniture every night, looking for dust, a fault.

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Little habits like that. No matter what he does, try not to nag him. Remember, he's not constituted to be able to take the critical analysis he applies to others. Get used to his habit of criticizing you, and laugh it off. Once that resentment is out of the way, you can relax, and really enjoy your bright, loyal Virgo. He's not an angel. There are no wings sprouting on his shoulders. But lots of wives will be jealous of you. After all, how many women are married to a hardworking, handsome man who's neat and tidy around the house, who remembers anniversaries and performs miracles with the checkbook?

How many wives have a smart husband who dresses well, seldom goes out with the boys or makes passes at other women, and is usually gentle and considerate? Look closely again. Is that just the reflection of the street lights around his head, or could it be. No, it couldn't possibly be a halo. Not after the way he snapped at you when you spilled the buttered popcorn in his lap at the theater tonight. Of course not. That cranky character? Still, there is a kind of an aura. And when he smiles-and you can see yourself in his clear eyes-well, he'll do until someone with real wings comes along.

Do you visualize the Virgo girl as a gentle, virginal maiden, pure as the driven snow? You may be about to get some illusions shattered. She is no White Rock nymph in a gauzy tunic, kneeling by the pool. Sorry to spoil your image. A Virgo woman can leave her husband for a man she met beside some faraway ocean, bear her lover's child before the benefit of marriage, and face a hostile world with her head held high. That's not very maidenly or virginal. There's a lot to leam about this tender, fragile little symbol of spotless womanhood. For one thing, her spine is made of stainless steel.

It's quite true that she's basically shy. No argument there. Virgo girls don't climb on soap boxes to make fiery, aggressive speeches or chop up saloons with hatchets, like Carry Nation. They don't get arrested for drunken driving, either, and give you a. But a Virgo woman is a woman. She has all the necessary wiles and weapons, including a determination to pursue happiness wherever the path happens to lead her.

A few prickly thorns along the way won't cause her either to faint or cry weakly for help. When you hear of a Virgo woman who has outraged the laws of society, be sure you read between the lines. She is basically pure-minded-true. But so is love. Real love. And Virgo is not interested in any other kind.

She'll climb the tallest mountains and storm the raging seas in galoshes and a pea jacket, once the spirit of Mercury has been exalted, which can considerably dim that wispy, chiffon image. Remember, too, that Virgo's true ruler, the distant Vulcan, is the god of thunder. A Virgo woman who recognizes her marriage as imperfect and finds a-love without a flaw or thinks she has, which is the same thing , won't hesitate to cut former ties.

When she uses the knife, she'll be as cool and precise as a surgeon. Much as she hates to break the family circle, the Virgo hates hypocrisy more. Once she's accepted a love as true and ideal, the purity of her own concept of the relationship reigns supreme over all the pieces of legal paper in the world. She's the one woman in the zodiac who can be deadly practical and divinely romantic at the same time.

That situation of the love affair beside some faraway ocean may seem casual and immoral on the surface. Actually, it's a predictable example of a Virginian behaving true to character when caught in a difficult decision. She'll suffer agonies of embarrassment over the condemnation of society in such an affair, but that won't alter her course of action any more than it will alter the purity of her motivation.

It's a perfect example of the firm practicality of Virgo's earth element, blended with the mental, airy, ideal-seeking Mercury. There's a white heat to Virgo love, once it's ignited, that can put the passions of other Sun signs to shame by its very intensity and singleness of purpose. Igniting it may take some time, however. I will admit that the fiery, physical aspect of love may be somewhat subdued in the typical Virgo female, but there's a mysterious, quiet, waiting quality in this woman.

She's a perfectionist, but that doesn't mean that she herself is perfect. She has her negative traits, and they can be very trying. To begin with, Virgo females have this dogged belief that no one can do things as orderly and as efficiently as they can. What really drives you wild is that- usually-no one can.

They're also sticklers for promptness. Did you ever keep a Virgo woman waiting for a date? When she's upset or cranky, she won't rage and storm and break bottles over your head, but she can be shrewish and fussy when you've annoyed her. You might as well expect a frank scolding. An occasional Virgo woman can come pretty close to behaving like a virago, but most of them don't carry it that far.

Take her flowers. Admit you're wrong and don't argue. It won't do you a bit of good, you can't win with a Virgo. The earth is her element, so she appreciates the creations of nature, and the posies will soften her irritation. As for the apologies, keep them brief and accurate. The Virginian is nobody's fool. Her clarity of vision will spot an elaborate lie by the. She may be pure-minded, but she's certainly not naive.

I'm not implying that she'll go through your laundry, at least not before you're married. After that, it will be in her house, and she won't feel so guilty about it. This girl has a mental block when it comes to admitting she's wrong-like a block of wood right in front of her brain-so you'd be smart to take the blame right away.

Most of the time, she'll be right, frustrating though it may be. So why fight it? When you've put her back into her normal mood, she's such an exquisite delight, you won't care who won or lost. If you can bear the wound to your male ego, you might profit from taking her financial advice, or letting her handle the budget.

She's concise and practical, and she catches tiny errors even a CPA might overlook. Unless there are afflictions in her natal aspects, or she has an impulsive ascendant. Brush up on your manners and your grammar if you're dating a Virgo female. She won't take kindly to abuse of the language, swearing or drinking from the finger bowl.

Don't chew celery close to her ear and it's better if you pass up corn-on-the-cob altogether. That's enough of a challenge at any time, let alone trying to eat it daintily in front of her. Tell the waiter to cut it off and serve it to you on the plate. You'll never pass inspection with sloppy clothing, either.

Once in love with a Virgo, you might as well resign yourself to shaving twice a day, and the same goes for showers. Splash on after shave lotion, brush off the lint, spruce up your hair, wear a fresh shirt, mind your manners, and polish your shoes before you go a-courting this girl. And here's a very valuable tip: the next time you're late, pretend you don't realize what time it is. Walk in her door angrily. When she asks you what's wrong, tell her that silly, ridiculous, blasted library that's about as profane as you'll dare to get keeps closing five minutes before they're supposed to, according to their rules.

It wouldn't be so bad now and then, but they lock the doors on you every night when you have all those heavy scientific journals to put away. She'll forget all about the tardiness. Don't take her to the racetrack and let her see you throw away a week's pay on Golden Chance in the fifth, on the nose. Save your off-color stories for the men at lunch, and tell her constantly you're glad she's not the flighty type, You are, aren't you? She's not a clinging vine, either. Virgo goes to no extremes. She can take care of herself, thank you. But she doesn't have to act like a man to do it.

Don't overpower her with your physical charms or bear hug her on the subway, and don't rush the goodnight kiss on the first or even the tenth date-wait for better things. In general, underplay the whole scene.

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Move in slowly, with grace and taste, or you'll end up in the orchestra pit with all the other banjo thumpers. Speaking of the theater, she'll probably love it. Parades, too. The pomp and pageantry, the dramatic emotion, give her an outlet for her own tightly controlled emotions. Besides, she's one great critic. Her highly developed intellect and artistic taste com-.

If you could make Broadway producers understand this, you'd be showered with free passes to out-of-town openings. A Virgo woman will call the critics' reviews in advance almost every time. Discrimination is one of her keywords. She loves plays, concerts and books, but she's severely critical of the content.

She's just as critical of your tie and how you wear your hair, what you do and what you say. To criticize is as natural to her as breathing is to you. Don't cr iticize her, lowever. That's against the rules. The golden rule definitely does not apply here. What she does to you, you'd better not do to her. Her crystal-clear thinking makes her inwardly as aware of her own imperfections as she is of yours, and she judges herself frequently and harshly, which is why she feels she doesn't need any help from you.

Of her it can be truly said that she's "her own worst critic. One nice thing about being in love with this woman is that she'll do all your worrying for you, and possibly even enjoy it. She'll keep you from goofing without robbing you of your manhood, an art that women born under other Sun signs might well imitate. As for the matter of faithfulness, you may hear of a rare Virgo female who, for her own unfathomable reasons, has decided to toss away virtue with a vengeance, but there's usually a desire to prove something to herself at the bottom of such a spree, and it won't last long.

Virgo females who take an occasional whirl down the primrose path of promiscuity are clever enough to cover up the lapse, and such behavior is most certainly an exception. Ordinarily, if she really loves you, you'd be safe to trust the typical Virginian woman with the sexiest man you know on a desert island for a month.

For two months? Well, Virgos are human, you know. They're not walking, talking computers. They have hearts warmer than people suspect, and emotions that can thunder with feeling, even if they don't care to rent a billboard to advertise it. The emotional nature of Virgo is controlled, but not nonexistent. Remember that. It will give you courage. The Virgo girl is annoyingly meticulous about small things, but she can also be the kindest, most generous and affectionate little creature in the world.

Consider her perfectionism a virtue, instead of a vice. With all the impulsiveness rampant in the world, what would we do without the sharp eye and mind of Virgo? Even while she's irritating you with her critical ways, there's a lovable quality about her that's downright irresistible. But of course you've already discovered that, or you wouldn't be shaving twice a day and going to the library every night. Her modest manner and soft, clear eyes have done their job well. You've probably even found out how much fun she is when people don't pick on her, and what a clever wit lies inside that pretty head.

It's a lovely and strange thing that when Virgo women laugh it often sounds like the peal of little bells. She has no illusions, so don't try to sell her any phony ideas. To her, truth is beauty-and beauty is truth. Get used to her emptying the ash trays every three seconds, be kind to her stray kittens, and she'll perform the pipe and slippers routine with. She'll share herself cautiously, only with one she trusts, and little things mean a lot to her. Despite her modesty and natural shyness, she's tough enough and strong enough for others to find comforting when dark clouds gather.

The quiet courage and deep sense of responsibility of Virgo women often acts as a magic glue to hold large families together. She'll probably be a good cook, and she'll never poison you with her soup. Your house will be clean and cozy, and the big bowl on the coffee table will hold apples instead of chocolate candies bad for the teeth and general health. You'll probably never see your youngster running around the neighborhood with a runny nose, a jam-stained face or torn sneakers. You won't find tiny fingers scatter-ing your tobacco or coloring on your private papers, either.

She'll be a firm disciplinarian. Virgo women seldom have more than one or two children, and don't seem to need motherhood to satisfy their femininity. But once baby has bounced into her life, she'll never neglect his physical, moral or educational needs. She may not supply his emotional needs as easily, but if she's sure of your love and knows she's appreciated, she'll relax and give her offspring plenty of warm affection.

Little ones often find Virgo mothers delightfully funny and gentle. They'll be firm, and try to instill good habits, but they have a tender touch that tells a child he's securely loved. Remember the poem that says you shouldn't buy bread with your last sixpence, but "hyacinths for the soul"? Give this woman both. You may often catch her busy with sewing or mending, and if you have a really typical Virgo wife, your house may be full of the heavenly mixed fragrance of fresh flowers and hot home-made bread baking crisply in the oven.

It's pretty nice to come home to. She'll dust off all your old dreams and make them shine again, and you'll have a woman who will never borrow your razor or use your toothbrush for her mascara. She'll nurse you like an angel when you're ill, and she won't embarrass you by flirting with your best friend. She'll dress neatly and be able to talk with you about something besides diapers and beauty parlor gossip. You'll get every ounce of loyalty and devotion you deserve. She won't throw emotional scenes of jealousy or throw your money away foolishly. She'll keep your secrets in her heart, help you organize your work, and probably won't get wrinkled in middle age.

Now really, isn't all that worth minding your manners and keeping your fingernails clean? Her eyes are cool pools of pure love, and when she smiles, she can light up a whole room with her radiance. Better keep her. You may never get so lucky again. As he tries to imitate the sounds he hears in the nursery, the tiny Virgo infant carries the seed of a seldom-mentioned Virginian talent for acting. The ability to mimic manifests itself almost from birth. The Virgo baby is alert and quick, yet at the same time more peaceful and tranquil than other infants, a contradiction which foreshadows a future personality that will soothe and irritate by turn.

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Don't try to feed your little Virgo applesauce when he wants peaches or you may be in for a long siege. You'll end up with applesauce all over the high chair, but baby won't end up with a speck of it in his stomach if he doesn't like it, though he'll smile charmingly as he firmly turns his head away. He may surprise you by preferring spinach to ice cream. Virgo's meticulous selectivity about food shows early.

Aside from being fussy eaters and an occasional spell of fretful indigestion, raising a Virgo youngster is a pleasant experience, with little conflict and few tantrums. Even when they're very small, these children are inclined to be neat and put away their toys cheerfully. Your Virgo youngster may be bashful and quiet in company or crowds, but around family and friends the cat certainly won't get his tongue. He'll probably talk early and fluently, except in front of strangers. A Virgo child is seldom troublesome, and he's a wonderful companion as mother does her house-work.

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He'll happily imitate whatever she is doing and he'll usually mind the first time he's told, with little scolding necessary. In school, Virgos are apt to be teacher's pets, simply because they're the easiest boys and girls to discipline and the ones who study their lessons carefully. It's a delight to instruct the typical, bright Virgo child with gentle manners. Criticism, however, should be used sparingly. Too much stress on mistakes will cause him to worry unduly, sometimes to the point of actual illness.

A lecture in front of the class will be painfully mortifying, and it may smother the desire to leam for a long period. Virgo youngsters need to be told only once, quietly, if an error has been made. They'll be just as concerned as the teacher with correcting it, perhaps more so. Often the mundane chores, disliked by the rest of the class, will be accepted as important responsibilities by Virgo children.

They're efficient, dependable little people, with a serious, but friendly, pleasant disposition, though they're sensitive enough to become cranky if teased by more extro-verted classmates. The Virgo child is markedly adaptable, probably just as adept at painting scenery as he' is at.

It wouldn't hurt to suggest that the Virgo youngster try out for dramatics. He won't seek the spotlight, but he might show a surprising ability to interpret characters with convincing reality, if he can overcome his stage fright. Virgo's honesty and careful attention to details make him a favorite choice to grade papers when the teacher needs help. As a class monitor, he'll be ethical and alert. But there are occasions when the teacher can get a red face when she's made an erroneous statement teachers being only human and the normally shy, quiet little Virgo raises his hand to point out the mistake in no uncertain terms.

Virgo students want to know the whys and the facts. They'll rarely question authority, but they will question knowledge in books unless they know what's behind it. The printed word often isn't enough for the inquisitive, painstaking Virgo mind. These children need plenty of educational toys, and when they're very young they should be read to as much as possible. They'll become most unhappy misfits as adults if they haven't received a full education.

El Hombre VIRGO _Linda Goodman

To know less than others turns Virgos into irritable introverts who are painfully embarrassed by their inadequacies. It's best to ignore the Virgo teenager when he or she begins to notice the opposite sex. Teasing a girl about her first boy friend can give her a permanent emotional scar, and probing into a boy's dates can head him toward bachelorhood.

Virgos don't easily accept close relationships leading to marriage, and the path should be made as smooth as possible. You'll have to supply your Virgo child's emotional needs with signs of physical affection. He'll never show you how deeply he desires this kind of love, but the lack of it will strongly affect his future relationships. Even very pretty and very smart little girls-and very handsome, clever little boys have to be convinced they're interesting.

It's hard for them to believe that their modest unassuming ways are as attractive as the more aggressive personalities of their friends. The Virgo ego can stand lots of encouragement without becoming excessive, so don't be stingy with bear hugs, kisses, sincere compliments and pats on the back. Your Virgo child needs large, daily doses of such emotional vitamins, along with his cod liver oil. He'll have many exact habits, and hell complain if his belongings are moved or his privacy invaded.

He does certain things at certain times, and if his personal schedule is upset, he will be, too. It may be dangerous to ask him for a frank opinion; otherwise, he'll usually be refreshingly polite to company. This child will criticize every member of the family, sometimes with amusing, but cutting imitations of their faults.

The Libra woman (from Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs)

He'll probably ask for his own room early and be fussy about your cooking. No lumps in the mashed potatoes, please, and not so much seasoning in the stuffing. But he'll show an excellent sense of responsibility before most other children have learned the alphabet. He'll be sympathetic with Mother's headaches and Daddy's financial problems.

You can expect him to try sincerely to make good grades at school, willingly help around the house and manage his allowance carefully. Although he's far from a model of perfection, and you'll feel like shaking him ironed because it has two small wrinkles-most of the time, a Virgo child is a joy to have around the house. These children should have a kitten or a bird, so they can learn the lessons of love quietly and unobtrusively, by caring for the helpless. Don't buy him a St. Bernard or a police dog. If he's a typical Virgmian youngster, he'll prefer a smaller pet.

He'll be fascinated by one of those ant villages. Watching the tiny ants industriously going about their business at close range should really intrigue his curious, practical little mind. Listen to him when he talks. He has a wisdom beyond his years. You can afford to keep nagging at a minimum, because he'll try very hard to please you if he knows exactly what you expect of him. Remember that his imagination needs plenty of boosting and lots of room to grow, or it can easily become stifled. You need never worry about spoiling him or giving him too many illusions.

The Virgo child is made of sterner stuff than that. Give him all the lovely dreams you can crowd into his heart. Such bright moments of fantasy will guarantee him a much-needed emotional balance when he grows up. Be very sure he has a secret star to wish on. Memories of magical daydreams will keep him from being lonely in the years to come, and there will be many occasions for future loneliness. Unlike other children, the young Virgo may not be very fond of fairy stories and make-believe.

He's a true little realist. Perhaps that's why he needs them most of all. If you have a Virgo boss, be kind to him. He's probably secretly troubled and unhappy. Virgos are not born to be high-powered executives who lead others forcefully and they soon regret the decision to bite off more than they can chew. Of course, due to individual planetary positions and aspects in the natal chart, there are certainly some Virgos who are extremely competent in positions of power, but they're few and far between.

You can probably count the ones you know on the toes of one foot. The typical Virgo is at his best as the power behind the throne, the one who dependably carries through the original f ideas of others. He's happier and more. The very last thing most Virgos want is to glorify the self and become a listening post for everyone's troubles, Goodness knows, they have enough troubles of their own to keep them busy worrying for a lifetime, even if man of them are imaginary.

Coping with the pressure of being responsible for the impulsive actions of progressive associates, firing orders a1 subordinates, and pushing public relations, while juggling the finances of big empires, requires a thicker skin and e fatter ego than the average Virgo possesses. One reasor he's such an unhappy misfit as an executive is because he tends to see the trees clearly and completely miss the forest -yet this is the very trait which makes him such ac indispensable jewel as the man who guides the president ol the firm.

He may not be the one who sees the big picture, but he can erase the fuzziness from the pictures the more aggressive people paint so carelessly. He can take the wildest schemes with a thousand dangerous, dangling loose ends and make them work. A talent like that should never be wasted up front where there's not enough privacy to accomplish his meticulous miracles.

In fact, if he's forced to perform his organizational magic before a public audience, the Virgo is likely to look as if he's double-talking, when he's really not. The Virgo whose hidden vanity has caused him to be put in such a position usually ends up accused of this very thing. A Virgo will pull few punches when he's asked for a critical opinion, and let's face it, an executive often has to smile and say "yes" when he means "no," and frown and say "no" when he means "yes.

But a Virgo calls a turnip a turnip, and he's bewildered when people turn on him because he didn't pretend it was a tulip.

Consequently, the Virgo in a high-powered position sometimes resorts to deception in self-defense, and -since deception is emphatically not one of his innate talents, he ends up being accused of being downright sly and hypocritical. What a pity, when Virgo hates hypocrisy so much. But that's the price he pays for sitting in a chair he wasn't meant to occupy. The endless, chatty luncheons with clients who have to be wined and dined and catered to would drive the average Virgo into a hermit's cave after a few months, and a few years of it might actually give him a serious mental breakdown.

Any Virgo who searches his own soul eventually comes up with the knowledge that he's better off doing the actual work of running the machinery inside the organization and letting someone else pose for the pictures. If he's truly dedicated to his work is there a Virgo who isn't? Still, if the business is a small one with, say, under a dozen employees, a Virgo may do very well as the captain of the tugboat. He certainly won't let it hit any unforeseen snags because he'll have every potential danger charted in detail, upside down and backwards.

But big business and the typical Virginian simply don't blend, always allowing for the occasional exception to the rule. A Virgo with a Cancer ascendant and a Capricorn Moon, for example, would be a horse of a different gait. Such a Virgo at the head of a large company can be a real winner, just as the average Virgo at the head of a small company is usually successful. They also excel in leading scientific, experimental groups, where painstaking research is the keynote.

This boss will not overlook the sloppy mistakes of a secretary who constantly misspells words, wears ink blots on her thumbs and forgets to water his geraniums. You'll have to be alert and on your toes if you want a promotion from Virgo. Never tell him the appointment is for three o'clock when it's really for two-forty-five, or you'll face a cranky, irritable boss who won't hesitate to point out your fumble with hairsplitting frankness.

As for reminding him in self-defense that he himself mislaid the papers he needed for the same meeting, forget it. Instead of causing him to be more tolerant of your errors in relation to his own - exceedingly rare goofs, he's far more likely to glare at you with extreme annoyance. Try it more than once and you may end up without a job. A little criticism goes a long way with your Virgo boss. On his side, that is. As far as you're concerned, resign yourself to plenty of it. There's just one way out and one way only. Don't make mistakes.

It's really quite simple. Once you've adjusted to his perfectionist attitude, youll find your eagle-eyed Virgo boss is kind-hearted and fair. He won't want to hear the details of your latest romance, since sentiment bores the typical Virgo, but he'll listen with sympathy to your request for a leave of absence because your left small toenail needs attention. Sick leave will be understood. Office flirtations and careless habits will not. Keep your desk tidy, don't flash around the office in mini skirts and heavy make-up, never brush your hair over his papers, and listen carefully to all his instructions.

If he approves of your grooming, your work habits and your brain, he can be a surprisingly generous and kindly, considerate man to work for. He has his little idiosyncrasies, but don't we all? Men who work for a Virgo boss face a slightly different problem. He'll expect you to come up with creative ideas and to be aggressive in the area of promotion and salesmanship.

In fact, he'll depend on you to fill in these gaps in his own make-up. Just be sure you handle yourself with modesty. He knows you have more direct drive than he does, but he's also aware that he has more organizational ability, not to mention practicality and caution, and he won't be thrilled if you let it become obvious that you could run things without his close supervision.

He's undoubtedly correct. He usually is, which may be a little frustrating until you get used to it and learn to respect him for it. He won't give out Jaguars, or mink capes as Christmas bonuses, but he will pay you what you're worth and won't cheat you. Remember that he's entirely capable of sizing up exactly what you are worth, too. It's difficult, if not impossible, to fool him. Don't expect him to get excited about glamorous bubble promotions.

He may not be overly imaginative, but he has enough imagination to visualize such bubbles bursting with a loud bang and a spray of water, which may leave you all wet. Be sure your suggestions and methods of working have a sound foundation in fact, or he'll dismiss your schemes as daydreams and he may dismiss you, too. You may get impatient frequently with his constant splitting of hairs and faultfinding criticism, but after all, you can't just say to a superior that "It's a drag to nag. It won't hurt you to let him shape you up a bit, anyway.

Always tell him the truth. It's useless to lie to him. Frankly, your Virgo boss may strain at gnats-but hell seldom swallow a camel. Inside, he's really a gentle soul and often terribly lonely, married or single. He doesn't make friends easily, and hell be touchingly grateful for your encouragement. Like all Virgos, he lives with a secret dream and isn't nearly as isolated from emotion as he seems to be. Let him know you've discovered that his bark is worse than his bite even though his bark is gentle and quiet , and he'll step down from his ivory tower.

Never mind if the other employees call him stingy. Go to him when you're really in trouble and see how wrong they are. If you have a Virgo employee who's a typical Virginian, treasure him or her and plan, slowly and carefully, to mnvp. Don't do it too quickly or hell feel unprepared and reluctant. Fast advances don't tickle the Virgo ego, they just alarm him and make him suspect that you're too impulsive for him to trust.

You needn't shower this employee with bonuses. On the other hand, don't underpay him either. He's well aware of his comparable and current market value, and he won't hesitate to move on, regardless of his basic loyalty and stability, if he feels you're being unfair or unreasonable. It's been said that Virgos give service without thought of reward, which has created a bit of a problem in semantics.

It's more accurate to say that they give service without thought of personal ego gratification though they secretly desire this more than they let on. The Virgo employee fully expects to be paid for his efforts, because money is important to him.

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It's not the cash itself as a status symbol, nor the Cancerian desire to accumulate that motivates him. It's his inbred fear of going on relief someday when he's old and sick and feeble and forced to depend on others. The very thought of such a situation gives the typical Virgo goose bumps. He'll probably be far healthier in his old age than most of the other zodiac signs. Though often weak in childhood, Virgo gathers physical strength as the years advance.

Still he'll secretly worry about his health and his financial future. The twin mental images of the hospital and the poorhouse are never far from his thoughts, so you can see why Virgos are quietly ambitious to advance in their work until they reach a position where they can achieve financial security for tomorrow. At this point, and at this point only, the nervous Virgo intensity begins to unwrinkle and he can relax.

Of course, Virgos never completely relax, but let's say he is not quite as jumpy as he was before; he bites his nails less, and his allergies let up a little. You'll discover that he has a perfect eye for detail, sometimes a little too perfect to be comfortable. Just because you're the boss won't keep him from catching your mistakes and pointing them out in typical, blunt Virgo fashion.

Positions and titles aren't sacred to him: perfection is-though, with typical Virgo charm, hell probably give you more outward courtesy and respect than his associates do. Whatever his faults, you can always count on these employees, male or female, to exhibit strong analytical ability and excellent taste.

His or her sharp sense of discrimination makes the typical Virgo worker an excellent critic, with the knack of spotting the weak log in the fence, not to mention the weakest link in the chain, with quicksilver accuracy and speed. Virgo workers are adaptable and versatile, clear-thinking, precise, intelligent and reliable. That includes your own occasional laziness.

The boss who takes a day off to play golf may return to the office to find the Virgo employee eyeing him with a thinly disguised look of dis-approval, though the obedient, mannerly Virginian will probably keep silent about. Virgos usually shine more in businesses which give service to the public in general.