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Think before you take action. You will cause a lot of misery for your self if you do not know what you are doing.. Think before you act. They will take your pension if need be. David takes the credit for standing up to the Corporation. If you live in a corporation house. Be VERY careful before you act. They will take your benefits without telling you, make your life hell so you have been warned. You have to be careful. You have to know what you are doing. Your corporate name and how not to joinder with your corporate name. Plenty of fake events going on.

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Can I tell you why I think that is please? Just get a crisis company involved and they will supply he actors and all the simulation needed. Then just feed the media what you want them to say and combine real footage of genuine people panicking from the reports and blue sirens, with the pre recorded simulation and what is joe blogs eating his daily dose of MSG reading the Sun newspaper gonna think? Sure he is gonna scream fake, when the slightest talk of conspiracy puts you at odds with the world.

Very few real people left on his planet and I am one of them, don't believe me then wait and see.

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Not everyone is a complete fuckin sellout cunt. Some have been paying attention and can see the wood from the trees. I work in Council. And yes, best job i ever had. Easy money too easy. Thank you very much my holidays payers. It is time to put our house in order before we lose it. Do we act and leave the EU or do we risk losing common law for corporation law and no country? And stop paying???

I think Sadiq Khan is OK. He's a Londoner born and bred and don't forget, Londoners voted for him in large numbers, as I would have have done had I lived a few yards nearer the centre. Carry on ranting - your cause is lost. Great sarcasm. The more people don't pay their council tax the more it goes up for everyone else, people who can least afford it and people who cannot afford to take the risk of going to prison if they don't pay it.

If you live in society you need to contribute. Go and live under a bridge if you don't want to take part. Root these elements out NOW. Exactly, central government has already taken the money that the council wants you too pay again, such as police and elderly, police is from your paye deduction from earnings and NIC deducted for care. Hi, I clicked on your website link, but it doesn't go through.. Most of which comes from central government, i.

What makes it worse is the council tax is being used to pay interest on LOBO loans, in short making American bankers even more rich. The truth is Pharmaceuticals are killing us gently. These natural remedies have always been around but buried and forgotten. Great video mate thank you very much for offering an insight into this problem. I only wish I'd have watched this 4 years ago when you first uploaded it. The perfect way of squaring the Brexit circles.

Leave-voting countries get to Leave Remain-voting countries get to Remain p. Not all of the UK has common Law as the basis of the legal framework. Presumably you have no objection to paying a reasonable price for the services that you do use, disposal of waste, a share of street lighting costs, local authority schooling if you are a parent etc etc. I am living alone and with the "generous" discount i get on council tax, i still pay 80 quid a month. I produce less waste, use less resources, dont use schools but the family of 4 next door, pay the full rate of just over quid.

How is that fair? False flag attacking is a kind of psychological warfare. The motivations and effects have been analyzed within the framework of regality theory, which is a branch of evolutionary psychology. People will develop authoritarian, intolerant, and xenophobic attitudes when they perceive that their social group is under attack, according to this theory. This is called a regal psychological reaction. An attack that is successfully blamed on outsiders will lead to such a regal reaction.

The result is that people will be more likely to support their own government and military. A collection of historical examples of the fabrication of collective danger by false flag attacks and other kinds of deception has identified the following motives: To create psychological support for a planned war To pave the way for a transition to a less democratic form of government To consolidate a government when its power is dwindling To defame an enemy by blaming an attack on them The effect may be the opposite if the deception is disclosed and the attack is blamed on an internal elite rather than on the alleged outgroup.

Setting up rational stance with "God's Law" is not a strong argument. I do see the point since our laws were founded in the same, however secularism is not the problem with common law, or the application there of. Corruption is the key. Did the council pay the bills you sent them? If not did you sue them? If not what is the purpose of the bill?

An empty threat? Thats clearly not true from the bank,,, I have this problem all the time when being sent letters by women in authority they never write their title so when I address them all I have is a name ,, Dear ,,, Jane Smith where as they call me Mr Bugwit, very annoying. It proves Heath's government knew the EEC Treaty would lead to the loss of sovereignty, and was therefore treason. They had a stunningly accurate picture of the EU, which never was the EEC an Economic Community , expecting Britain to be abolished after the turn of the century.

The authors, all civil servants or ministers, are very pro EU, their intent is clearly to conceal the loss of sovereignty. But they understood perfectly it would all be abolished. In public Heath's government all lied the treaty would not affect our sovereignty. This includes Douglas Hurd, still an active senior Conservative, who is also both a liar and a traitor, a point we put to him at the Conservative Conference in Blackpool. He assured us his connection in the legal profession would ensure he was never convicted.

Here are just a few of the damning sentences: Parliament controlled Membership of the Communities will involve us in extensive limitations upon our freedom of action. For the first time. Parliament is binding its successors. Increasing loss of sovereignty The loss of external sovereignty will however increase as the Community develops, according to the intention of the preamble to the Treaty of Rome "to establish the foundations of an even closer union among the European peoples" Small threats to sovereignty, like Burgess, Blunt and Maclean's selling secrets to the Russians, attract 30 year jail sentences.

The penalty for actually loosing even small parts of it until was "to hang by the neck until dead. Our law subservient The writ of a foreign power is not allowed under the British Constitution, which Heath was breaking. Predicting monetary and military union After the death of Genghis Khan the Mongol Horde continued the momentum and conquered China, central Eurasia, much of Russia and almost Venice in The Mongol dynasty in China fell only three decades past the end of the Aries quasi sub-age in The Mongols conquered more of Eurasia and killed a greater percentage of people than any time before or after making the Mongol Horde an Aries exemplar.

The Mongols also spread the widespread use of gunpowder and very quickly the Europeans, Muslims and Indians were employing canons and firearms — items always fondly caressed by Aries. This Aries period saw the beginning of the end of the Eastern Roman Empire. Like the sunset period of the Western Roman Empire, the power in the Eastern Roman Empire commenced to be vested in provincial military families. This dynasty fell with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in , only 20 years past the end of the Aries sub-age overflow and Pisces age.

The two Aries sub-ages examined have been located in the Aries age and overflow BC — BC — AD and all these sub-ages and sub-age decans since the Aries sub-age and overflow — — BC have been the critical periods in the rise and fall of Ancient Rome. Just past the end of the Aries sub-age and overflow — — AD the last vestige of Ancient Rome collapsed with the fall of Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, to the Muslim invaders.

Ancient Rome was book-ended by two Aries sub-ages. The Aries sub-age and overflow — — AD saw, in allegorical terms, the handing of the baton from Ancient Rome to modern Europe. The European resurgence was firstly most noticeable in Italy with the rise of powerful and rich trading states such as Venice. This baton-passing act only temporarily involved Italy, and very quickly it left the Italian peninsula and moved into Europe where the Spaniards, Portuguese, French, Germans, Dutch and Great Britain were ready to launch forth on an unsuspecting world.

Context is everything, as each Aries sub-age or sub-age decan arrives, it must interact with whatever age, age-decan and associated quasi-periods. Any period in macro-astrology that is not a decan ends with such a sting-in-the tail and deserves an appropriate name.

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Every age has as its second last sub-age in its age overflow period a sub-age with the same sign as itself. Taking into account the sub-age overflow, this means that every age-wave finishes with a bang. It is the conclusion to the story. Britain entered another major phase of self-government with the withdrawal of Roman troops in the Aries sub-age decan and overflow — — AD. Finally in the Aries sub-age decan and overflow the British Empire became temporarily the foremost military power in the world due to its successes in the Second Hundred Years War.

Appropriately, Great Britain was eclipsed in the Scorpio sub-age — with Scorpio sitting in the 8 th house of death and vulnerability to Aries. Aries is a significant sign for Great Britain. Is it full steam astern for the USA? Has the USA changed into reverse gear and is accelerating backwards? Is this a beneficial turn of events?

My observation is that that prime factor that defines the international geopolitical situation is the 59 year sub-age decans. Each astrological age of some years each has 12 sub-ages of years each. Each of these sub-ages have three decans of approximately 59 years each.

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These 59 years sub-age decans appear to define the geo-political reality in the world. For example the bi-polar signs of Gemini, Libra and Pisces enhance global political dualities. The recent Pisces sub-age decan overflow — , apart from promoting the Pisces USA as the world superpower, also coincided with the rise of bureaucratic communism and its inevitable clash with capitalism until communism basically left the field of battle when the USSR imploded in The current Scorpio sub-age decan overflow — is a mono-sign and so does not enhance polarities — especially in the first half of its reign.

The next sub-age decan overflow is the polar sign of Gemini a dual-bodied sign with its full effect expected from to but flexing its muscles since The world is now gearing up to this new geopolitical reality. I expect the Gemini sub-age decan overflow will see the growing polarity of the USA and Western culture on the one hand and China plus Asia on the other.

However other possible international polarities cannot be ignored. How will the USA and China get along as sparring partners on the world stage for much of this century? This is a recipe for the USA to retire from its dominant role in the world and return to its more traditional isolationist approach to world affairs. This in no way detracts from its status as the age-empire of our times — it just means that the age-empire retreats to its own shores and avoids costly and divisive overseas wars or political turmoil. Even Donald Trump appears to be a clone of John Wayne.

The USA has as of been in its interventionist side of its nature for 74 years slightly longer than the length of a sub-age decan. The astrology suggests that this has a time fuse on it similar to the rise and fall of communism , and the USA is now in its 11 th hour to returning to its isolationist nature. While Gemini is strongest in its sub-age decan overflow , the embryonic Gemini sub-age decan arrived in — just in time to turn significant public opinion away from the war in Viet Nam. While the USA received much international sympathy, the subsequent invasion of Iraq saw mass opposition by many former close allies and supporters around the world.

The next increase in strength for Gemini took place in December when the Gemini micro-age arrived. The arrival of the Gemini sub-age decan overflow in is the final straw. Will the USA finally behave like an ostrich with its head in the sand?

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The USA is slowly on the path back to isolationism which seemed so far-fetched when I first wrote on this topic in Donald Trump has expressed the opening wedge for a more isolationist policy. The growing strength of Gemini, which will peak in , does not stimulate the USA success in its flag waving missions, especially if it involves military conflict. How many wars does the USA need to engage itself in to discover this truth? The USA under Trump is turning its gaze away from foreign lands and back onto itself — for better or worse! This does not mean China gets to take over the world.

China will probably fare far worse than the USA in the coming decades under Gemini, especially from around onward. This may not mean a civil war but it does indicate much strain and tension. The growing strength of Gemini does not bode well for Europe. Europe is also primarily associated with Pisces, which is why Europe also likes to split itself into two, but Europe is a Pisces-Aries continent. Gemini does not bode well for the European Union as we have just witnessed with the Brexit vote earlier in Gemini undermines the status and authority of Europe. Gemini is also the fragmentation sign, and now other European countries have growing support to exit the European Union.

We are entering a very different geo-political era with the USA heading towards isolationism, Europe heading towards fragmentation and China engulfed with problems — who will be the last man standing? Now it could be stated: It certainly looks likely.

Even the proposed border wall with Mexico suggests a new introversion. Under Gemini, introversion is favored for the USA. Even protectionist trade policies are a form of introversion. Whereas the gods are lining up against the USA in its foreign intervention, they are lining up for the USA to focus on itself. However, when it comes to foreign intervention, the USA behaves like a little kid that keeps putting its hand in the fire and getting it burnt, but does not seem to learn the lesson.

Sometimes societies are collectively dumber than the average IQ of its population. One unfortunate side effect of democracy is that it is government by the lowest common denominator. Further Resources from Terry MacKinnell. Recently I have been exposed to many people with pessimistic outlooks upon the world. We know that the world has enough food but yet people are starving. We know that the world has adequate resources for all yet countless millions live in abject poverty.

We see Donald Trump on TV — and though he has redefined the concept of stupidity, he is an actual contender for the most powerful political position in the world. And his finger could be on the button! Will a cascade of intercontinental ballistic nuclear weapons rain down upon an unsuspecting world if he has a bad hair day? This is just a small fraction of all the bad news. Corporations and governments are facilitating the pollution of our air, water and land to the point that the average person actually must buy pure water to avoid poisoning themselves.

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  4. Will we have to buy pure oxygen soon due to air pollution? The average prisoner costs the same amount of money to the state as the salary of a teacher. Despite the trillions spent of the war against terrorists over the last decade or so, the likelihood of a random terrorist attack has increased exponentially many thousands of times. I am sure that any sane person could spend the rest of their life documenting the ridiculous outcomes of our modern world. Is modernity a negative concept? Even relatively normal people are expressing concern about where the world is heading.

    The general consensus is that the world is like a ball rolling towards the cliff ready to fall over the edge. This does not inspire optimism or confidence. The astrology associated with the astrological ages, and specifically our position in the Age of Aquarius, does support the above pessimistic outlook but not the pessimistic outcome. A superficial examination of Sagittarius and Gemini plus other key signs within the Age of Aquarius reveals the reason for the current desultory outlook by many people, especially in Western Society.

    In contrast to the West, many people in developing nations are not feeling negative or pessimistic as they are currently riding a secondary wave of economic expansion and material prosperity. Whenever a new age or sub period of an age appears, the focus of new developments is usually focused upon a specific region, center or culture. This is what occurred with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in the 15 th century which firmly placed a focus upon Western society. It was Western society that pioneered the new Aquarian age ethos which then spreads out to the rest of the world like the wake of a boat.

    This is why Western society has become despondent while other societies are still experiencing the wake of the fading expansionary period. The new despondent wake will also hit Asia and the rest of the world in the future. Western society started the modern expansionary economic paradigm with the Industrial Revolution feeding into the worldwide population explosion.

    This quiet naturally was associated with the Sagittarius sub-age and overflow which like a giant wave has swept through the world but spearheaded by mainly Western nations. The majority of expansion and optimism was experienced in the second half of the wave Conversely, Western nations are unwittingly spearheading the drive towards contraction and minimalism but have not yet understood that this is actually happening and that this is not some temporary aberration but will continue for a long time. The rest of the world is not taking over the reins from Western society, but just catching up, whereupon they will also start their own paths towards contraction, especially with their populations and economic growth.

    Though the expansionary Sagittarius wave technically came to an end in , this is not how it works in practice. Basically the Sagittarius expansionary paradigm continues its momentum until it comes to a barrier. Secondly, near the end of this Sagittarius wave was a Sagittarius micro-age and overflow with the peak of this smaller wave aligned to the Baby Boomers. This is a time for cooperation and teamwork and you will find yourself slipping easily between different sections of the company.

    If you work for yourself, this is the time to get out of the cave and go networking. In that case, seek input from others who can offer a fresh perspective. Maybe you have run out of ideas requiring assistance from people who can help you see things from a different view. This is not the time to try and be too self-sufficient.

    Getting business coaching would be a good move or simply getting together socially with people you work with just so you can brainstorm as a team in a more informal manner.

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    Venus enters your 6th house on January 7. This is the optimum time for getting into a good health routine. So pamper and preen yourself in the meantime because Venus enters your marriage house next month. Until then, this is a time of deferred gratitude, so get any boring, self-maintenance tasks out of the way like going to the dentist. You can enjoy guilt-free leisure time later on when your social life picks up again. These horoscopes are most accurate when read for your ascendant, but if you have your Sun plus a stellium 2 or more planets in this sign then you will find that these horoscopes will ring true for your Sun also.

    All mainstream horoscopes are written using solar houses, which, in others words, is writing for your ascendant. If you do not know your ascendant please use this free chart maker to find it.