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Drug bust in Orillia nets three

More Around the North. Northeastern Catholic school board names new chair following child porn scandal Oct 8, PM. I was an anomaly because I came from news. Until I came to Collingwood, I had spent all my time in a newsroom.

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I was the publisher and I managed to get a really hard-working great guy named Don Wilcox, he came over from the Packet to be editor at The Enterprise-Bulletin in the s, and we worked together with a wonderful team of people in all departments. We had a terrific team of people.

Q: How long did you work at The Enterprise-Bulletin? A: From A: An interesting one was, we had a mayor in town named Harry Bell. Everybody loved Harry Bell Harry was an institution, he was a wonderful gentleman. At that time , things were moving along at a very strong pace.

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New legislation was coming in, there was regional government coming in in some places, school boards were amalgamated I used to cover Collingwood council in the early days of my arrival here because at first, we only had one reporter and we needed staff. I enjoyed doing that. The interesting part is, Harry won. He came to the old building — we used to be at 27 Simcoe Street — the day after he won with his fedora and long coat.

He came in to shake my hand, and I congratulated him on his victory. Things change. The newspaper business changed, lots of things around us change. Q: How did you deal with the entrance of competition, like the Collingwood Connection? The Collingwood Times was independently owned. It was healthy to have newspapers competing with each other because it gave people different viewpoints editorially, and it gave people different kinds of coverage.

People could make up their own minds. Back then, paid circulation was a big thing. I remember in or when we moved to the new building -- which is now the old building -- there was a lot of hoopla.

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Back then, paid circulation for The Enterprise-Bulletin was 7, a week. That was verified by independent auditors. The fly in the ointment was the free distribution newspapers, like the Collingwood Connection.

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They had a remarkably efficient flyer-distribution method. At about that time, the internet was coming on-steam. At the same time, I left to go edit the daily Sentinel-Review. I kind of lost track of things that were going on here.

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Q: Was it very competitive? A: It was. Ultimately, the Collingwood Times closed its doors.

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  • Some people said we put them out of business. Our advertising rate was higher at the time With the investigation, police were focusing on persons who were bringing the cocaine the Greater Toronto Area.

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    Police believe the operation began in , and are trying to determine how much cocaine would have entered the country during the last three years through the three accused. The first two men charged were arrested after a traffic stop on Highway May 1. The third was arrested July The investigation led police to find the cocaine in a warehouse in Montreal, as well as a location in Stoney Creek.

    The cocaine was not all seized at once, Hawkes said. The amount on display Monday was the end result of a number of different seizures as the investigation has progressed. Karim-Altamirano, the only of the three still in custody, was also charged with drive while disqualified. Medina-Gatica is a native of Costa Rica.

    Barnum refused to comment on if any of the the accused are cooperating with the continued police investigation, but said they were major players in the smuggling.