They tend to avoid emotional games and drama, and they require a great deal of personal freedom in marriage.

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They are endlessly curious about different kinds of people and will chafe under too much restriction. Still, they are extremely loyal and capable of a long-term commitment as long as they are given plenty of rope. Aquarius is intelligent and interested in just about everything, which makes them fascinating creatures to have around the workplace. They are natural inventors and will tend to come up with innovative new ways of managing the work flow and improve productivity.

Their innate sense of fairness makes them excellent as boss AND employee, and they generally get along well with others and enjoy working together as a team. They are typically motivated less by financial reward than by a desire to change the world. Aquarius may not be adept at love, but they are masters of the art of friendship. Their open-minded intelligence and integrity makes them wonderful friends who can be depended upon to do the right thing in nearly all situations.

Even in friendship Aquarius does not like to be restricted, however, and will flourish best when allowed to pursue every whim and explore every option that comes their way. Like all fixed signs, they are loyal and enjoy the security of commitment. Aquarius is inspired by their idealism and hope that the world can be transformed into a place of fairness and justice for all beings.

Your June Power Color According to Your Zodiac Sign | Sunday Edit

They tend to gravitate towards places of worship that are socially conscious and active in creating positive change for the planet and its people. They are also inspired by advancement and innovation in the field of science which brings humanity closer to the infinite and utopian potential that is the Aquarian ideal. Aquarius rules the lower leg, teeth, and blood circulation. Because of dryness of the emotional body, there is a tendency towards weakness of the heart, migraines and nervous diseases when emotions are suppressed.

Depression can occur if the individual becomes too disconnected from the emotional body. The colors of Aquarius are violet to calm an overactive mind and energize depression creating balance in the emotional body, and indigo for increased insights and interdimensional communication. Aquarius gems include amethyst to facilitate lucid dreaming and to help insomnia, azurite to stimulate brain and nerve activity, and quartz crystal to clarify the intuition and calm the nervous system.

The innovative mind of the Aquarian individual gives them a facility for any occupation that requires thinking outside the box. They are excellent inventors, scientists, or astrologers. Their humanitarian instincts may inspire them to pursue a career in nonprofit agencies, and their affinity for technology can mean great success in the field of computer science or electronics. Aquarius is the revolutionary; the idealist who can look at any situation and see where it can be changed for the better. More than any other sign except Pisces, Aquarius transcends the personal and embraces the collective and this gives Aquarius an exceptional ability to understand the human condition.

The lesson for Aquarius to learn can be taught by Leo, the opposite of Aquarius and the sign that embraces and celebrates the individual ego.

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  4. Leo teaches that without a healthy sense of self we become dry as a desert and lonely in the separation from ourselves. Quiz: Test Your Aquarius Knowledge.

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    4. Join the discussion on Aquarius. Getting through the pain is difficult, but God can provide you with hope. The teen years are a challenging period for parents. Here's the latest dispatch from the crossroads of faith Element and Quality of Aquarius Element and Quality of Aquarius Although Aquarius is known as the "Water Bearer" it is a sign of Air rather than of Water and is therefore more oriented towards the intellect and communication realms rather than the emotion of the Water element.

      Aquarius in Love Aquarius in Love As rationalists, Aquarius finds it difficult to become lost in the emotions of falling in love, and as a result they can be somewhat unpredictable. Aquarius at Work Aquarius at Work Aquarius is intelligent and interested in just about everything, which makes them fascinating creatures to have around the workplace. Power Palette: Iridescence. Tilt your energetic body just so and harness a new color.

      Who exactly is calling the shots right now, Libra? Pay close attention to the difference between taking the trapeze leap and getting your strings pulled. June asks you to understand where you might have sacrificed some of your self-sufficiency in favor of the notion that someone or something has to give you the green light before you get up and go. It is a month for wielding your own authority, re-acquainting yourself with impulses and instincts that come from you and you alone, Libra.

      Power Palette: Primaries. Sidle up to the starting line again with a primary palette that is stripped down and ready to ride. Whether it is a classic red lip or an orange that simply looks like an orange, June is a month to get back to basics in the most emboldened of ways. Experiment with color blocking and find the magic in mono.

      But it is here to teach your sign about the power of play and possibility, finding contentment by resting on the petals of the flower without always having to penetrate. It is a circulatory month for you to deliciously consider what needs to be aired out. Power Palette: Whites. If you visit your local hardware store, you will be dazzled by the hundreds of shades of white, each complete with a slight tonal shift and a magically chosen name.

      Whether you are craving eggshell, ivory or creampuff, remind yourself that every moment is a chance to begin again. With the cosmic focus on your opposite sign of Gemini, and a luscious Full Moon in your sign coming at you mid-month, June is wide open and asking for you to match its magic, Sag. This a subtle dance of energies that invites you to consider how you play with intention.

      Can you let whatever you have been dreaming of just rest on the tip of your tongue right now, content to not have to push and sweat it into a finite form? It is a month for finding multiple forks in the road, but not always having to immediately take them. Be content to rest at the crossroads and enjoy the view.

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      Power Palette: Pinks. A powerful color with a complex history, pink has been both reviled and revered, a shade of unapologetic self-expression. Whatever your prior relationship to this color, take June to let yourself be surprised by its possibilities, harnessing its campy connotations to expand your concept of force. Let pops of passion fruit remind you that making it happen can be as easy as inflating a juicy piece of bubblegum.

      Imagine that you are a divining rod, or a slip and slide, and simply let yourself be flavored by what is longing to possess you.

      All About Aquarius

      Maybe this means loosening the effort around a project and waiting for ideas to pop. Or seeking to transmute the medicine of a sticky situation into fresh lemonade. Let it feel witchy and magical, Capricorn, as you stand directly in the eye of the storm and lift your arms to catch whatever is raging up above.

      Power Palette: Jewel Tones. Your own precious powers are at stake this month, Capricorn, and you are invited to remember the worthiness and rootedness of your capabilities through color. Whether it is diamond-cut clarity that connects you to your competence, or lush emerald-colored velvet that connects you with the green grass symbolism of natural cycles of growth, tap into the invaluable treasures that lie within you.

      You are a sign who is poised to serve the collective, unleashing your out-there electricity to pave the path for the rest of us. But right now, you are asked to drop back into your narrative, your wants, and your particular flavor of experiential knowledge, remembering that there is not a trace of shame in expressing your sparkly specialness. How would it feel to trust absolutely in your own irreplaceability, Aquarius?

      Letting yourself embrace a palette that feels over-the-top is a gateway to taking up more energetic space in your own universe, Aquarius. If it is not fit for a Vegas showgirl right now, swap it out for even more shimmer. As your dream queen ruler, Neptune stands poised to station retrograde this month, it is a moment to deeply consider how you are tending to your visions, sweet Pisces. Sometimes we forget that dreams need to be watered and fed and clothed, consistently loved up on like the most darling pet.

      Are you taking your future plans out for walks? Planning a picnic with the sheer poetry of your existence?

      Zodiacal characteristics, colors, triggers and reactions

      June gives you full license to dictate your own timing and evolution, not needing to explain to the outside world what exactly is being incubated. Power Palette: Violet. A deeply mystical shade of sensitized feelings and higher knowledge, concentrating on this specific color in June will help you harness connection to the unseen world. What do you feel has to be removed in order for you to succeed?

      Aquarius Lucky Color

      Why do you feel like severing is the only way forward? Rather than exorcising your demons right now, the invitation is actually to integrate, taking the pieces you would rather purge and puckering up to kiss them straight on the mouth. Whatever you most want to shut down may just be the source of a long-dormant secret superpower. Power Palette: Neutrals. June asks you to reconsider your relationship to neutrality. Rather than seeing these shades as basic and boring, can you use them to soothe your approach to every facet of yourself, employing a stance of radical non-judgement.

      Whether it is tan, beige or black, swap high-alert shades that fly off the handle for a more subtle sense of opening wide to whatever is here. As your ruling planet, Venus slides into Gemini this month.